Learn the skills, strategies and tools you need to bring customers to your website by using your blog

By using and mastering your blog you will have created a way for customers and clients to find you in a new way that is long lasting and will produce results. Having a blog to support your business not only helps you be seen on Google but also gives you content to use on social media which can help guide people to your website to find out more about what you do.

The problem that so many companies have is standing out amongst the crowd online and on social media. It can seem like an endless task to get noticed. You website looks beautiful and has all the information on your clients need but there isn’t any traffic. It can take up a huge amount of time up away from the day to day running of your business to spend time promoting it. Use your blog to better support what you do and bring people in who actively looking for a company just like you! This is where I can help.

You know you need to be attracting more customers but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the options of how to make your website stand out. Let me help.

By using your blog and knowing a few tricks of the trade you can open your website up to a huge range of new clients. These clients will be able to find you through organic Google searches. By producing your own content you are demonstrating the authority you have in your business and why people should read what you are writing. It is a directly an indirect way of bring people to your site by searching for what they are looking for and how you can answer that desire. Although it takes time to work on you are producing content that Google can direct people to for years to come.

Imagine being able to have new customers find you without having to spend all your time on social media and actively pursuing leads.

By spending time on your blog and actively producing content that people are looking for you, customers will find you in new ways. They might not know your name normally but they will find discover you through searches. They will see through your blog and what you write, how you are the authority in what you do and how you are the business they are looking for.

By blogging you will be

πŸ’œ producing content which will be found with Google searches.

πŸ’œ Able to use that content to populate your social media.

πŸ’œ Showing your authority in your business.

πŸ’œ Answering questions that customers might have.

πŸ’œ Demonstrating your understanding of what your ideal customers are after.

Introducing Blogging Coaching

Boost your SEO and help customers find you

I am a blogger with years of experience. I have worked with numerous companies to help them expand their website to include blogs. The blog have bought in new traffic and answered questions their customers were looking for answers for online. This has lead to an uptake in business and helped produce new clients who hadn’t heard of them before.

This coaching offers support with brainstorming ideas, researching what people are searching for in relationship to your business, introduction to keyword research, sourcing images, then once it’s written checking that the key points that Google wants are being met so your content ranks higher.

What makes this coaching different is the hands on experience I can give while also using my own experience to give you tips to make the blog posts shine.

Working with me you will receive.

πŸ’™ Hands on experience

πŸ’™ Find out the best blogging practice

πŸ’™ Brainstorming and planning sessions to look for what people are searching for and how they can find you to answer their questions and fulfil their needs.

πŸ’™ Post Blog checks with advice

πŸ’™ How to promote your blog posts

πŸ’™ Blogging Workbook

πŸ’™ Q&A

πŸ’™ Useful plugins

The Results

At the end of this coaching you will have learned the key basics of planning content, writing in a way that Google likes, formatting blog posts and working out what questions that you answer that others are looking for.

Once you have this formula you can create your own blog posts in the future and keep the work up on your own. Your check list of what to do will be the road map for your future posts.

The content once on your website will also be perfect to use for social media. Meaning that you will be saving a huge amount of time from creating pieces every day and each week. Plus you can update old posts to make them new and share them multiple times if they fit in what you are promoting.

Are you ready to use your blog as a way to help clients find you and create more business?

1 Month Package

πŸ’™ 90 minute planning and guidance call

πŸ’™ 1 hour coaching call to check in and fine tune or plan blog posts with feedback and support for 3 weeks.

πŸ’™ Β£397


2 Month Package

πŸ’™ 90 minute planning and guidance call

πŸ’™ 1 hour coaching call a week to check in and fine tune or plan blog posts with feedback and support for 7 weeks.

πŸ’™ Β£790



πŸ’™ You will learn the best frame work for writing blogs

πŸ’™ Learn how to keyword research

πŸ’™ Plan out posts that support your business and ideal client

πŸ’™ Come away with hands on experience of writing, editing and formatting blog posts.

πŸ’™ A check list of what needs to be done for each blog post you can follow in future.

Meet Sisley

Hi, I’m Sisley and I’m your blogging coach. When I ran my own business back in 2010 I was struggling at getting found online and finding new customers. I was told then how big blogging would be and how I needed to jump on the bandwagon as it would be invaluable to me and my business. I started blogging about what products I was selling and what I was offering. Giving examples of how the items work along with tips and hints. I noticed that what I was posting was being found organically through Google and the products featured were selling more than those which weren’t. Over the years I have learned a lot about blogging and run multiple blogs for myself and for clients. I love how blogging gave me my content to promote and even years later posts I still get views from what people are asking and searching for online on those posts.

Is this for you?

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Starting now

Well done you’ve made this far. Blogging like all digital practice takes times to build up. The sooner you start the sooner you will start seeing results. It seems daunting to produce content but by planning with me you will have a clear road map to follow and each week I will be there to help answer your questions and give you tips to getting the best from your blog to drive clients and customers to you.

FAQS – what other clients have asked before starting the coaching

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