• Websites

    I love working with my clients to create their new websites for a range of businesses with a range of budgets. We work together to find examples of what I think would work and what they have seen they like for their market. Once we have established what is required from functionality of the website including galleries, pages and if they would like to start a blog to run on their website, I set to work. Throughout the process my clients can see what I have done and are able to make changes as it is created. Once the website is complete I can either be in charge of updates when they’re needed or I can provide a one on one lesson on how to use the website, update pages and a lesson on using the blog to keep their customers up to date with the business.

  • Social Media

    In this day and age social media has become the normal way for businesses to have a virtual shop front. Just like a tradition brick and glass shop front what you post on social media will catch the eye and gain interaction or people will scroll on past. Working on presenting your brand on social media isn’t as daunting as it would seem but does need thought and planning. I help businesses create a social media brand focusing on the main elements of the business, working to attract customers to their physical shop or get them to click through to websites.

  • Design

    For many of my clients when they start a new venture they also need a logo or something to be designed. For example business cards, loyalty cards or flyers. Creating elements that work with the brand is very exciting and it’s great to see my design work being used online and in print media.

  • Photography

    I have experience working with hospitality brands to produce beautiful photographs that can be used for websites, social media, for press releases and print media. It is a great joy to produce stunning photos that show how the food or drink will be presented with customers visit. Having beautifully presented meals is so important in the instagram reality and I feel it is important to take photos and use photos that authentically show off what a venue can do. Building up an image library with a photoshoot is also a great way to keep all the photos that you use for marketing and publicity to maintain a similar style.